Playing Minute to Win It Games at Your Bachelorette Party

minute to win itThe only thing more fun than watching teams compete for cash by completing wacky challenges on the hit NBC game show Minute to Win It is playing the games yourself. And since most of them are played with simple household products this could be a great way to keep your bachelorette party guests entertained with free activities! We poured through dozens of games and decided these five Minute to Win It games would be the best for a bachelorette party.

1. A Bit Dicey: This is especially great if you’re having a Vegas-themed bachelorette party. That’s because in order to win this challenge you must stack six die on top of a popsicle stick that’s being held in your mouth.

2. Blow Ball: Call us crazy, but the somewhat naughty name of this game caught our eye. Get your bachelorette party guests blowing like crazy as they try to blow 73 red ping pong balls off a pizza tray while leaving behind three yellow ones. You could also customize the colors of the ping pong balls to fit with your bachelorette party colors.

3. Chop Stack: In this challenge guests must stack four lip balm tubes on top of each other using chop sticks. Use this fun hot pink animal print lip balm for some bachelorette party flare. Let the girl with the fastest time keep the lip balm.

4. How’s It Hangin’: This game will make for some priceless photos. With a banana attached to a person’s waist by a piece of string, they must hit two oranges inside a hula hoop within 60 seconds.

5. Suck It Up: Bachelorette party guests will get some practice sucking with this game. They must transport chocolate covered candies by sucking them to a straw. This game will reveal who has the best lung power and precision.

Let us know which Minute to Win It games are your favorite!

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