Easy Bachelorette Party Games: No Planning Required

Bride ApronLet’s face it. We’re all busy and sometimes the bachelorette party doesn’t get as much planning attention as it should. Here are three easy games you can play that don’t require any planning (or at least very much!)

Let’s Make a Deal: This is a spin on that old classic game show Let’s Make a Deal. Have all the guests grab their purse. Call out common items that might be hiding in their handbags. The first person to produce the item– like a nail file, lip gloss or band-aid– wins points. The person with the most points in the end wins!

Master Chef: Grab an array of sweet treats include whipped cream, caramel sauce and candy bars. Write the name of each item down on an index card and have each guest draw a card. Split guests randomly into two teams and tell the to make a dessert based on the ingredients listed on each player’s card. The team with the yummiest creation (as determined by the bride-to-be) wins!

Truth or Dare: This is one you probably remember from your slumber party days. Bring it back for the bachelorette party. It doesn’t require anything, but a little sense of adventure and some creative questioning. Have fun!


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