FREE Bachelorette Photo Scavenger Hunt by Cosmo!


Cosmopolitan Bachelorette Party Photo Hunt? We vote YES!


Cosmopolitan knows the do’s, the don’ts, and the musts on every topic and situation! It’s obvious that their Bachelorette Party Photo Hunt will take the cake as one of the best games out there. This daring hunt has just the right amount of sexy to bring out the wild side in every bachelorette! Give each team about an hour and a half to complete these tasks at different bars, but in close proximity. Grab some awesome Bachelorette Party Favors as prizes and let the games begin! From taking over an unknown hunk’s Instagram to sex advice on napkins, this photo hunt will be a hilarious challenge. Be bold! Save this photo and send it out to all of your bachelorettes (fellow “hell-raisers as Cosmo says) and get going! You have lots of heads to turn, ladies!


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