He Says, She Says Game

He Says, She Says is a game where the guests have to guess whether or not the bride or the groom said the specific quote. The quotes can be from your own memory or you can ask the bride (and/or groom) for about 10-12 quotes that they both have said, either regarding their relationship, their wedding, or just plain funny things they’ve said.  Whoever guesses the most amount of the quotes wins! To play this, you need to make cute questionnaires where the guests circle who they think said the quote. What’s great about this quiz is that it can be played at both the Bachelorette Party and the Bridal Party, depending on the types of quotes included. To do this, simply go customize a free printable  questionnaire. It’s quick and easy to make and it’s free!

He Said She Said Party Game

This fun game is brought to you by The Hollier Rogue.




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