Turning Household Products into Fun Bachelorette Party Games

toilet paper brideSome bachelorette parties happen in the comfort of someone’s home– not a bar or dance club. And for these home-based bashes, the opportunities for creative games can open up. Here are three bachelorette party games that use household products you probably already have.

Toilet Paper Bride: For this game guests will need to be broken into teams. Each team will assign one person to be the “bride.” This person is the model and their main job is to stand still while the rest of her teammates get creative with toilet paper. They have a set amount of time and a few rolls of toilet paper to create a couture bridal gown. It can include a veil, train and even a floral bouquet depending on how creative they are.

Wedding Cake Creation: Once again, break guests into teams. Give each team a minute to collect five items from around the room to use in the game. Don’t tell them the details of the game because it will make their choices even more funny when you tell them that their task is to create the prettiest wedding cake possible. Give them a set amount of time to complete the task– like three to five minutes.

Aluminum Foil Jewelry Designer: Give everyone a roll of aluminum foil and five minutes to create the most gorgeous ring possible for the bride-to-be. They’ll have fun tapping into their inner kindergartener as they try to design a beautiful ring.

In all of these games, let the bride be the judge of the winner. Have a prize ready to go for the girl or team she picks as the champion.

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