Word Game World – Two FREE Games!

At Word Game World, you can find games and printables for every occassion! We found two conservative word games that can be played at a bachelorette party or bridal party for the shy bride.  Sometimes raunchy is too much! So here are some great options.

wedding cake words

Wedding Cake Words is a game where the party guests try to come up with as many words as possible out of the term ‘wedding cake’ for points. If this is too-shy for your shy bride, bust out the shots! Make it a drinking game for more of a challenge. From 3 letter words to 7 or more, there are lots of possibilities! How dedicated is your party? 

happily ever afterHappily Ever After is also a good choice for the more laid-back bride. This game is a cute spin on those Mad Lib games we all used to play as children. Exchange the blanks for funny nouns, verbs, and adjectives to describe the bride and groom to be and their journey post-wedding. This is a fun one to involve the family in! Want to make it more daring? Have the bachelorette party finish the story or add in their own parts. There are bound to be laughs!



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